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Donut Maker – Warm, Hot Donuts! Yum!

Donut makers are joy makers! Happiness is a hot donut served with a smile, as far as I am concerned.  Whether you cook one every morning or just on weekends or special events, donuts are a magic moment of edible delight.  They are great for sharing with friends and family, and make for delightful culinary memories.

For hundreds of years, cooks and bakers have been pleasing people with a creation called the American doughnut.  In the olden days, doughnuts were mixed and fried in hot oil, all by hand.  In 1920 commercial doughnut makers were invented. And thank goodness for donut making equipment. Imagine life without Dunkin Doughnots or Crispy Cream.Yup. Now we have evolved.  We can now have a counter top donut maker in our home kitchen. They are easy to use, and make a great gift. We can enjoy these delicious, warm tasty treats at our convenience.  We can make all our favorite flavors and toppings.Over the years, the American doughnut name has been shortened to donut.  However,  the number of different flavors and topping have expanded.  Today it is hard to say what our favorite donut is.  When we were a youngster, we knew which donut we liked the best and which topping we always asked for.  Now there are new varieties of both being offered all the time.  So we pick a flavor of the week and smile and munch our way to taste heaven.There are two basic types of donuts one might be cooking, the cake donut and the yeast donut.  The cake donuts are easier to make.  They are thicker and more chewy.  Yeast donuts take more work and time to prepare.  Yeast donuts are lighter and airier. These types are the result of the recipe and the donut mix used in the ingredients.If the cook fries the donuts in hot oil, the temperature of the oil is a major factor in how the donut turns out.  A constant 375 degree temperature is the perfect temperature for frying these luscious pastries.  Some donuts are baked.The topping on the donut completes this tasty treat.  A quick and easy way to cover the donut with a cinnamon-sugar coating is to put the cinnamon-sugar mixture in a plastic or paper bag, add the donut and shake.There are a number of home donut makers on the market today.  The oldest style and the most used style is a donut cutter.  This is a round cookie cutter with a round center hole.  With this, you get both the donut and the hole.The next step up is a donut maker that drops the mixed batter into the hot oil or on a lightly floured board.  This is a small unit, about 7 inches high, 4 inches wide and 4 inches long.  Unfortunately, this unit may require hand washing.The next big step is a nonstick coated electric appliance that resembles a waffle iron but is smaller in size.  This unit has 4 or 6 donut dips in each side.  The dough is placed in the dips and the top is closed.  After a set time, the unit is opened and the donuts are removed.  Clean-up is easy, just a quick touch with a damp cloth.Finally, we have the king of the donut makers.  This is a big unit and takes up about 3 feet of counter space.  It cuts the donuts, fries the donuts in oil, turns the donuts over and puts them on a cooling rack all by itself.  This operates just like the commercial donut machines.All of these come with many different donut recipes and toppings for use in your kitchen. Each recipe is customized for the best results with that particular donut maker machine.


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