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Feel Healthy, Look Great, and Be Fit

Finding products related to our good looks, health and wellness is not always easy. In addition, with the high cost of living these days, we want great products and great prices. If we went from store to store looking for what we want it could take is days. However, there is an easier way.

It is so easy to monitor your health, bring out your beauty, and experience wellness right at home! In need of a couple cases of energy bars? Out of shampoo for thinning hair? Need to find out about baby acne? Looking for a bathroom scale that actually weighs accurately? It’s all right there at home, at your own fingertips. The secret is understanding how to find it all. But if you keep reading, it won’t be a secret much longer. You too will be an expert at finding exactly what you need securely, efficiently and in comfort.

These days we all know how to check email, read the news, check tomorrow’s weather and use a word processing program. Technology is so much more! Computers today are your personal shopping assistant. The internet is a vast shopping mall, with retailers around every corner offering a great deal on anything and everything. Oh, and at the end of a shopping trip your feet are not sore!

Let’s say you are looking for some wellness products. Perhaps you would like to offer a special friend some usable advice, a helpful book or DVD, and a sample diet product that tastes great to jumpstart their path to health. Maybe you don’t know much about dieting and weight management. That is okay, because you are not alone with a computer and a search engine on the internet. The key to your success will be typing the right phrases into the search engine. Don’t just type a word. Be specific! Type something like “buy the best tasting diet foods” , “highest rated book for long-term weight loss”, “facial hair removal”, “wrinkles”, “acne scars”, “cellulite” or “remove black heads.”

You may need supplies for a chronic health condition such as diabetes or a heart condition. Again, be very specific in the way you search to get the best results. Try something like “diabetic supplies”, “monitor for heart health”, “inexpensive vitamin supplements”, “adult diapers” or “affordable good quality mobility equipment.”

Notice what I am doing. I am typing long phrases that include everything I’m looking for. Most search engines will provide more than one page of results. The best matches for your search will be displayed on the first pages. You can browse through as many pages as you’d like, or try another search, narrowing down what you are looking for even more.

Now that we have our most important concerns located, it’s time to look fabulous, smell fabulous, and feel even better. Let’s shop for our beauty, because we are worth it! It’s simple to feel better about yourself if you smell great. Find the perfect fragrance by searching for “discounted quality alluring designer fragrance”. There is a reason why that was such a very long phrase. Just typing the three words “discount designer fragrance” causes my search engine to return 923,000 results to look through. That is a bit too many. But, if I narrow down my search by getting very specific, I only have 6,780 results. Each of those results are more likely to have what I am looking for.

This works for the basic products as well. Everyone has a favorite shampoo. It may even be a product from years ago when you lived across the country. The internet goes all the way over there! Type in the specific product you wish you had on the bathroom counter, whether it be shampoo, hair color, styling gel or a hair clipping set. Eye makeup, lipstick, foundation, nail polish, deodorant, cleansers, moisturizers and all manner of beauty items are available. Anything needed or desired for personal care is closer than the local pharmacy. This goes for men’s products as well. Remember to shop online for products such as hair regrowth, aftershave and shaving cream, and razors.

Not only are personal care items as close as a mouse and keyboard, they are economical. Someone out there is having a sale on exactly what you are shopping for today. That company will happily ship right to your doorstep. They will most likely even ship overnight if you are very eager to receive an order.

There are a few more key secrets to know to be a satisfied shopper. Let’s look at another while we shop for relaxation. Today’s busy stressful culture requires that we find a way to rejuvenate, but who can afford regular trips to the local spa? However, regular trips to your doorstep by the delivery man can keep you well supplied and de-stressed. Aromatherapy is a recognized method for relaxation. However, the specific aroma must be just right for the individual. Do a little research before heading to an e-commerce site. Type in a search like “pleasing aromatherapy scents for stress relief”. You will find a variety of choices which will help narrow down the search for a perfect aroma. You can even learn the science behind the method by typing “how does (what I’m curious about) work?” Once you’ve read up on the why you will be ready to shop for a portable sauna, sound therapy, massage equipment, foot baths, neck massagers, and even that aromatherapy scent.

This time as you type in an educated search phrase, take a moment to look at the search engine’s result page. Most of the time you will be presented with two columns of choices. On the left will be general search results based on the wording of your search phrase. There will most likely be a mix of articles and stores to choose from. You can click on any, without fear of losing your way. To return to look at another choice, simply click the back button on your mouse, or the back button in the upper left corner of your browser window. It will go back a page farther each time you click, eventually returning to your original search page. If you got a little carried away clicking on pages in a particular store, you should be able to simply click in the box where you typed your search term (usually in the top right of your browser window). The search engine will have remembered, and this will bring up your last search again.

Also remember to look at the other column of sponsored links. These are mini-ads, prepared specifically for you, by companies who are selling what you want. Often these sponsored links advertise a special sale or shipping deal.

Understanding search engines will help you find the best deal, which is always exciting! Finding a great deal or a long-lost special product can put a smile on my face for the rest of the day, and the internet is full of such finds. Search engines work very hard for you behind the scenes. They are constantly crawling through the web, examining online stores, and gathering information to help you find the products you are looking for. Different search engines do use different methods. If you feel like you aren’t quite finding exactly the right site, try your search phrases with a different search engine.

Whatever search engine becomes your favorite, another great category to shop for on the web is wellness. Exercise and fitness are important for all of us. With the ease of internet shopping, there will be plenty of time left in the day to use the products you find. Remember the bathroom scale that weighs accurately? It is out there, waiting to be found, and most likely it is on sale!

To keep the numbers on that scale where you want them to be, you’ll want to let your fingers do more searching. Fitness equipment is readily available, shipped right to your home, without any need to go to the gym. Searches can introduce you to new products to add to an exercise routine. Keeping an exercise routine interesting is more likely to keep it going than letting it get old and boring. So, try a search for one of the following: “exercise ball”, “balance ball”, “hand weights”, “wrist weights”, “ankle weights”, “kettle bells”,” barbells”, or “dumbbells”. The search results will allow you to learn about the products, and at the same time show places where they can be purchased. Adding the word “compare” or “comparison” or “price comparison” to a search can bring up just that result: sites that allow you to view multiple stores side by side which offer the same product. Each store’s price for the selected product will be shown. You may ultimately decide to purchase from a different online store, but having done price comparison research will help you feel empowered, educated, and ready to make a final purchase decision.

You may never have heard of a kettle bell before. It can be difficult to know if something new will help you reach personal goals for wellness. Looking at a product on a shelf or in a catalog can only provide details about that specific boxed product. The internet, on the other hand, can go into detail about how the product works. You can discover that kettle bells come in a variety of weights. You can read about whether you should try a 5 pound kettle bell or one that weighs 100 pounds. In addition, you can browse for exercise guides to purchase and use with your carefully chosen fitness equipment.

Product reviews are often even more valuable. Many of your friends on the web or in your town may be able to review the products you are looking for. If they have purchased or used a particular product, they can rate it for you, and explain why the item did or did not work for them. This networking can help make internet shopping incredibly rewarding. Real people who have actually tried the product you are curious about or read a particular book, who are not trying to sell you anything, can help you make a decision you’ll be happy with for a long time.

You have filled your virtual shopping cart, and are ready for checkout. Feel comfortable at this stage in your shopping experience as well. Secure shopping on the web is just as important to ecommerce sites as it is to their customers. When you enter the checkout process, you will be entering a secure environment. If you check the url (web address) for the store, you will notice the beginning change from http to https. The addition of “s” at the end notifies you that the site’s checkout procedure is secure. You can also check at the bottom of a store’s page. Often there will be logos of various organizations which the store utilizes to provide their customers with an enjoyable and secure shopping experience.

Once you’ve placed your order for those wellness, health and beauty products and pressed the send button, you are done. No need to walk through a crowded parking lot, and maneuver through traffic to return home. You’ve purchased unique items at fair prices. Your fingers, a computer and an internet connection were all you needed, and now you are ready to enjoy the rest of the day.


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