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Portable Tables – Handy and Convenient

Portable tables come to the rescue often. Whether it’s as an extra surface for beverages during a party, or for holding food at meal time, flexible tables are great. If they fold up or stack up, all the better.

I love portable tables, and I’d be crazed at holiday entertaining time if I didn’t have them.

No matter what style of portable table I find, I can always use it somewhere for something.

These wonderful tables come in all sizes and all heights.  They can be wood, plastic, glass, with wheels, light, heavy, small, large and huge.  These are stackable or have legs that fold and can easily be store out of the way when not in use.

These can be used to set another plate alongside the dining table, to have a late night snack in front of the TV, to hold drinks at the side of the pool, for a hobby like sewing or woodworking, to serve a little girl’s tea on, as a spaceship with a blanket spread over it, or whenever you need another convenient space.

My mother used a card table set by the wood stove to work puzzles on during the cold Montana winter nights.  The card table was the original portable table.  It was square in shape, heavy, and had four legs that folded up.  If one leg got bent, the table would rock.

Since then portable tables have evolved, as has other furniture.  They come in all sizes and all shapes, even round.  They come in a variety of materials, from plain and durable to elegant.  They come in many colors and finishes.  They are used in businesses, churches, hotels and homes.

Some are small like TV trays, but much safer.  Some have flat tops and some have tops that can tilt.

Some of my favorites are the unusual ones.  A set of three stackable tables are portable tables.  These come in lovely wood and a highly polished finish or more durable materials.  A small table with adjustable heights and legs that slide under a sofa or recliner serves as a dining table for one or an easily moved craft table.

If you have guests and need a nightstand, reach for a small portable table.  Are you having a picnic for a crowd?  Get the large plastic table and set it in the back yard.

Do you want to create a summer oasis in a corner of your yard?  Bring out an assortment of portable tables and place flowering plants on them, leaving space to set a cool glass of iced tea on hot days.

Do you have a desk or dresser that needs to be painted?  Bring out the large portable table and cover it with old newspapers.  You have a handy workspace that folds up and tucks away when you are done. One of the most practical pieces of furniture you can have is a portable table.


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